Monday, 7 December 2009

Bring back Common Carriers....

Fun to seedeep packet inspection (DPI) becoming a topic of everyday conversation as it gets applied to survey, and possibly in the future shut down, file sharers - a service of Detica coming to a Virgin ISP near you....

A major challenge for the commercial sector for years has been the growth in SSL traffic crossing firewalls being annoyingly opaque to deep packet inspection. (The only real solution is one that cracks open the packets by decrypting using "SSL Inspection Appliances" from the likes of Netronome, Blue Coat, et al.)

So on the one hand DPI is a tool for surveillance of unencrypted just as the amount of encrypted traffic is growing; and how long before those file sharers adopt it - oh they have already since 2005. On the other hand maybe if we all adopted encryption for all traffic, perhaps service providers in future might avoid £8000 fines  - could it possibly reinstate them as "common carriers" if they require users to encrypt all traffic.

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