Thursday, 23 May 2013

CIO (In the house!)

Over the last year I've been involved in many of the events organised by the Technology Strategy Board to shape the creation of the Connect Digital Economy Catapult (CDEC) and have been keen to see how we can pass the results coming out of the Research Council's Digital Economy programme downstream into the hands of innovators. Hence I've been delighted to be offered the role of Chief Innovation Officer (in residence) at CDEC to help shape it during the start up phase. This entails a couple of day in London each week so calendar challenges, but already having fun. Details as it happens...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

iPhoto challenges my knowledge of history

So in preparing the previous post I am just vastly amused by iPhoto on my Mac challenging me on this face tagging.

I'd have to say, I would concur with this or there is some monstrous archeological conspiracy.

Mind you what does it mean for real name policies, for example if I tag this on FaceBook?

So you're informed?

Given the pick up on a very recent paper at CHI on the complexity of 'terms and conditions' and issues of informed consent I think Ewa can call impact for this research output since have picked it up and applied it to a bunch of betting websites - their results here.

The literatin plugin has featured here before simply because I'm using it everyday now to inform myself of how badly wrong the "informed consent" model of digital services is. (Psst - we are not informed so there is no consent.)

Due to circumstance beyond my control I found myself in Egypt recently and captured this image - I did think that given the general literacy of the day, it managed to both convey the relevant detailed message to those that could read the hieroglyphs and yet a  simple to understand message to those that couldn't.

Ts&Cs as graphics?